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Make your tax-deductible gift to Ars Nova Singers here:

Like most arts organizations, ticket sales cover less than half the cost of Ars Nova’s concert production.  The remainder comes from grants from foundations and contributions from individuals just like you.  Won't you join our illustrious group of supporters by making a contribution today?

Here is how you can:

1.  By check; mail to: Ars Nova Singers, PO Box 4151, Boulder, Colorado  80306-4151

2.  By credit or debit card: use the link above to donate through the Colorado Gives Day portal (can be done at any time).

We are also seeking sponsors for individual concerts, concert series, and guest artists.  If you would like more information on sponsorship, please call our office, (303) 499-3165.

Thank you for your generous support!


Why give to Ars Nova? Let's hear from one of our beloved friends and donors, Anne Ross:

Several years ago, I was introduced to Ars Nova by a dear friend. I was enchanted with the mingling of the new and old by brilliant direction and magnificent voices. Being part of a diverse audience, sharing in the joy of discovery is critical to my — and our community’s – well-being. Am grateful to have discovered such a gem of an ensemble! Entertainment and transcendence in the same package is nearly impossible to achieve.