Shared Visions 2

A collaborative project of Colorado visual, literary, and musical artists in 2018-2019



Shared Visions 2 brings together Colorado artists in a unique way, building a community of artistic inspiration and culminating in a performance of new music by Ars Nova Singers. The project consists of four stages:

STAGE ONE – Visual art. Eight Colorado visual artists were selected and were invited to submit works which were gathered into an on-line gallery, made available to Colorado writers and poets during the summer of 2018.

STAGE TWO – Poetry. The writers and poets were invited to view the visual art and select one or more pieces as the basis for new poetry. Poetry was submitted until September 4, 2018, and has now been assembled into an anthology.

STAGE THREE – Music. Three Colorado composers have been commissioned to use the anthology and the related visual work as the basis for composing new music for chorus.

STAGE FOUR – Performance. Ars Nova Singers will rehearse and prepare the new music for performance in April 2019.  The artists, writers, and composers will be invited to join the performers and speak with the audience about their work, the creative process, and their shared inspiration.


March 2018 to June 2018             Submission of visual art; artists announced; online gallery assembled for use by poets and writers.

June 2018 to September 2018     Submission of literary art; gathering of works into an anthology. 

September 4, 2018                       Deadline for submission of poetry / lyrics.

September 2018 - March 2019    Composers access the anthology; music written and rehearsed.

April 26, 2019                               Denver performance at Bethany Lutheran Church, Cherry Hills Village

April 27, 2019                               Boulder performance at St. John's Episcopal Church, Boulder (includes pre-concert talk).


  • All artwork created or utilized during this project remains the property of the artist.

  • Visual artists and poets whose work is selected for performance agree to allow their work to be reproduced in advertising materials and concert programs.

  • Composers will have full rights to all future live performances of their commissioned pieces, in perpetuity. A separate agreement between each writer and composer would be negotiated in the event composers wish to commercially publish their compositions.


  • Visual artists and poets whose works are selected by composers as the basis for their compositions will be paid honoraria of $400 each. Please note the italicized phrase above: honoraria will not be paid for every work submitted, but only for works that are used by the composers in the Stage Four new choral works.

  • Opportunity to connect with new audiences, colleagues, and collaborators.

  • Recognition at the Ars Nova concerts in April 2019 and in publicity (brochures, mailings, press releases, e-mail marketing messages) during Ars Nova Singers' 33rd anniversary season.


Thomas Edward Morgan, Artistic Director, Ars Nova Singers