Shared Visions 2


Information for Colorado Poets and Writers

How to participate:

1) Please be sure to read and understand the Project Overview - CLICK HERE.

2) Fill out and submit the form below; this is required to receive the password to access the gallery of project images.

3) After you submit the form, you will immediately receive the password and a link to log into the project images gallery.

4) Review the images, and select one or more that inspires you to write new prose or poetry, recognizing that the end result may be turned into music for voices to sing. In general, please keep new works to a MAXIMUM of 2 pages; longer works are unlikely to be considered. Poets may submit multiple works, but may submit only ONE POEM PER IMAGE in the gallery.

5) Submit your work to our Artistic Director, Thomas Edward Morgan - CLICK HERE to email.

DEADLINE for submission of written works: SEPTEMBER 4, 2018

To participate and receive the password to the online project image gallery, please fill out and submit this form. You will receive the password and the link the the gallery immediately.

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This project is only open to current residents of the state of Colorado. *


• All prose and poetry created or utilized during this project remains the property of the writer.

• If selected for the new choral works, poets agree to make their works available for reproduction in the advertising materials and concert programs.

• If selected for the new choral works, poets agree to make their works available for unrestricted use by the composers in the commissioned musical pieces only. The composers will have full rights to all future performances of the commissioned works, in perpetuity.  A separate agreement between each writer and composer would be negotiated in the event composers wish to commercially publish their compositions.

Questions? Please email Artistic Director Tom Morgan,