Exciting News!

We have some marvelous news to share with you, an opportunity that will insure the continuity and existence of Ars Nova Singers far into the future. One of our longtime donors, The Avenir Foundation, recently offered Ars Nova Singers the chance to create an operating endowment. The foundation will fund a portion of the endowment with matching contributions based on donations received by Ars Nova Singers through March 2022. This is both an extraordinary gift and an extraordinary opportunity. What it means for you is that Ars Nova will continue to provide unique programs like this for MANY years to come. There will be more opportunities to hear us, as we expand our geographic offerings, our educational outreach, and our collaborative efforts. For me, it’s the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, as this ensemble and the mission it fulfills in the community WILL continue into the future, even after my tenure as Artistic Director. I am beyond words with gratitude. You’ll be hearing more about this soon, and if you’d like more information now, please email me.

ALSO, here is a PDF of our Case Statement flyer, with complete information, if you’re interested.
Thomas Edward Morgan, Artistic Director


THANK YOU to all our supporters who contributed on Colorado Gives Day!

We raised over $8,000, surpassing our goal!
Thank you for your generosity and your belief in our mission.
It’s still possible to make a year-end gift; the Colorado Gives Day site makes it quick and easy:


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